My Profile:
Name: BaoQuoc Doan
DOB: 09-27-1980
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 168 lbs
Ethnic Nationality: Vietnam
Citizen of: United States of America
Langauges Spoken: English and Vietnamese
Web Identities:, facebook, myspace, friendster
IM Screen names: AIM: wokdrgon, Yahoo:, MSN:, Gmail:

Educational Background:
B.A. Criminology Law and Society, University of California Irvine
M Arch I, Southern California Institute of Architecture

Dancing - Latin Ballroom and Hip Hop
Sports - Ping Pong, Tennis, Running, Basketball
Technology - Computer, Graphic Design, Interactive Digital Art
Women - Smart, Tall, Short, Round, Skinny, White, Brown, Black, Yellow, etc...

Movies Watched this Semester:
  • Man with a movie camera
  • Medium Cool

Books Read this semester:

Wikispaces Contributions:

Mediascape -

Datascape -
  • Datascape WIP - Datascapes Working Space: Ideas and notes, once edited will be turned into separate pages