Node Container
Author: BaoQuoc Doan
Year & Program: Sci-arc 2008 M. Arch I

Node Container is a raw processing script that came about out of a desire to establish a class to describe points in space, and ways to connect them.

In the processing applet submited for the Datascapes final, The Nodes were given a life variable component. In order to increase the life of a node, the Nodes responded to movement tracked by a web cam. In the case of this particular application, the nodes were connected to using a nearest neighbor logic. While the pulsating effect was based upon its order in the array. So the fifth node would pulsate 5 rings. Nothing incredibly exciting. The final Demonstration didn't go to well, because the variables use to track motion were not properly calibrated, due to the the change in light exposure. It does work, but requires some tweaking

Other Ideas: The basic concept of interest is having a artificial ecology that feeds off of user input from the physical environment. Kind of life a digital pet, meets interactive space input type thing, if that makes any sense.

Nodes are Instantiated, (They will die, one by one if not feed any Life Points)

If Life Points are feed into the system, then more nodes will grow if there are enough life points to go around

One way of feeding life points into the system is to use movement track by a camera

Hide the Video Feed, and show outline just for reference

Too Many Life points being feed into the system