Questions I need to answer...
What is a Profile?
Examples of Profiles are?
How do Profiles operate?
What are some examples of Profiles in Movies?
(Note to self: Summarize Notes and Create Slide Presentation for the previous questions)

Personal Interest/Agenda with Profiles
To identity/establish/prescribe and alter new/old mechanisms or cultural practices at Sci-Arc to share information across studio and programs.

Inquiry Phase:
Determine Sci-arc's student population knowledge with regard to Software, Fabrication, and Communication Mediums. Figure of if student population is interested in altering or applying new methods for sharing information across studio and programs.

Analysis Phase:
In order to under the best deli
To obtain the current state of Software Knowledge, and Fabrication Knowledge of Sci-Arc's Student Body. To also figure out

In what ways can go about my agenda, and also have an effect on the very thing I am trying to identity/establish/prescribe? How can I apply a work in progress model. Instead of doing research, proposing a platform, and

Possible Applicability to broader issues (Revisit Later):
How does the outcome of this exercise relate to issues or areas of conflict?
Are there ways of obtaining information when you are an outsider?

Presentations on Profiles

Current Surveys Being Conducted
Software Usage -
Fabrication Techniques and knowledge -

*Web Survey are convient to conduct but return rate is low when I do not know the person i am emailing to. Providing personal surveys is much more immediate and provide higher rates of participation.

(Note to Self: Come up with question to conduct survey on student knowledge of web mediums/services for sharing information )