Datascapes Student Work:

12.16.2007 -- students, please update your pages with your final work (as described in my email), and link to that final work from your name on this page.

First, a list of student pages:

Jordan Kanter
Bjork Christensen
Matt Evans
Bao Quoc Doan
Valentina Vasi
christopher norman latent image whales! averages
Nina Barbuto
Hao-yun Ambrose Chuang
Jihyeun Byeon
kenneth cameron
Arthur Switalski Final ScreenShots Final Code1 Final Code2 Initial Studies
Guillermina Chiu + Sepehram Khamjani (PREV. WORK), (SCREENSHOTS), (FINAL)
Josie Truong
Melissa Kim
Dan Hutchins
Yasmeen Khan
Mirella Abounayan
vincent wu
Dan Hutchins
Melissa Kim