September 30

Man with a movie camera (Celovek s kinoapparatom), Dziga Vertov, (URSS, 1929), 64 minutes, trailer

Cinema pioneer Dziga Vertov's controversial 1929 film still pulses with energy, innovation and genius. This landmark silent masterpiece from the Soviet avant-garde director stylishly highlights the buzz of everyday city life (shops, traffic, children, coal miners, nature) as seen through the eyes of a roving cameraman. Many filmic devices are used to comment on vision, life, Marxism and modernity in the Soviet Union.

Medium cool, Haskel Wexler, (SWEDEN, 1969), 110 minutes, trailer

The 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago is a hotbed of political unrest and social change. Yet amid all the violence, a sensationalist television news cameraman (Robert Forster) meets a warmhearted woman (Verna Bloom) who is raising her son in a Chicago ghetto. As they fight to avoid the fear that's gripping the city and the nation, their fledgling friendship grows -- but so does the threat of danger.

October 7

Code 46, Michael Winterbottom, (Italy, 2004), 92 minutes, trailer

In this futuristic sci-fi romance, William (Tim Robbins) is an insurance examiner whose company assigns him to investigate the use of papelles, fake travel insurance papers required by the strict government. Along the way, he meets Maria (Samantha Morton), the woman responsible for the phony papelles. Although he knows who she is, he engages in a fiery affair with her … but he'll have to end it within 24 hours, when his own papelles expire.

The Passenger (Professione: reporter), Michelangelo Antonioni, (France-Italy-Usa-Spain, 1975), trailer

In director Michelangelo Antonioni's gripping drama, correspondent David Locke (Jack Nicholson) -- on assignment to cover an insurrection in North Africa -- stumbles upon the corpse of an acquaintance. Disenchanted with his life, Locke makes a momentous decision: He assumes the dead man's identity, not knowing that he was a gunrunner for the insurgents. But by the time Locke realizes that he's put himself in grave danger, it may be too late.

October 14

Videodrome, David Cronenberg, (USA-CANADA, 1983), 87 minutes, trailer

Sleazy TV executive James Woods needs cheap, exciting programming for his fly-by-night channel. Fortuitously, he stumbles across a fuzzy satellite feed showing torture, punishment ... and possibly murder. A conspiracy is afoot as two competing groups fight for the 20th century's soul, using the airwaves as their battlefield. The addled Woods searches for the truth, all the while obsessed by on-air chanteuse Debbie Harry.

Battle of Algiers (La battaglia di Algeri), Gillo Pontecorvo, (Italy, 1966), 121 minutes, trailer

One of the most influential films in the history of political cinema, Gillo Pontecorvo's The Battle of Algiers focuses on the events of 1957, a key year in Algeria's struggle for independence from France. Shot in the streets of Algiers in documentary style, the film vividly re-creates the tumultuous Algerian uprising against the occupying French. The violence soon escalates on both sides in this war drama that's astonishingly relevant today.

October 21

Demonlover, Olivier Assayas, (Francia, 2002), 129 minutes, trailer

A corporate mole (Connie Nielsen) attempts to derail a deal between a French tycoon and an American Web site called Demonlover (represented by Gina Gershon), which specializes in sex and violence. But things get really dicey when she discovers a link between one of the companies and an "interactive torture" Web site that crosses the line into airing snuff films as well.

Syriana, Stephen Gaghan, (Usa, 2005), 127 minutes, trailer

George Clooney (who won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar and Golden Globe for his role) plays CIA operative Bob Barnes in this political thriller by Stephen Gaghan. America is at the beck and call of the Middle East when it comes to the oil industry, and all its players -- Washington, sheiks, oil companies, field workers -- intersect with each other. The star-studded cast includes Matt Damon, Amanda Peet, Chris Cooper and Christopher Plummer.

October 28

Chungking Express (Chung Hing sam Iam), Wong K ar Wai, (USA 1996), USA:102 min / Hong Kong:98 min, trailer

Hong Kong director Kar Wai Wong i established a unique style with this cerebral film that tells two somewhat similar but unrelated stories about loneliness and disconnection in the big city. In the first story, a policeman pines after his former girlfriend and gives himself 30 days to find another woman; in the second story, another policeman catches the eye of an attractive waitress, who's intent on completely rearranging his life.

The wild blue yonder, Werner Herzog, (France, Germany, Great Britain, 2005), 81 minutes, trailer

Werner Herzog crafts a thought-provoking exploration of life beyond Earth by blending authentic NASA images with documentary footage shot beneath the Antarctic Ocean by avid diver and experimental guitarist Henry Kaiser. After human beings suck everything valuable from planet Earth -- including all life-sustaining matter -- aliens move in to try to settle a veritable wasteland. Oscar nominee Brad Dourif (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) stars.

November 4

Sans soleil, Chris Marker, (France, 1983), 100 minutes,

Two films from innovative sci-fi director Chris Marker make up this double feature: La Jetée follows a postapocalyptic Parisian astronaut who time-travels to be with his lover; Sans Soleil tells the tale of a globe-trotting, soul-searching cameraman. Marker employs still images in La Jetée, while Sans Soleil relies on narration of the cameraman's travel log. Marker approved these restored high-definition transfers.

Children of men, Alfonso Cuaron, (Japan, UK, Usa, 2006), 109 minutes, trailer

Alfonso Cuaron directs this film version of P.D. James's classic dystopian novel (and Oscar nominee for Best Adapted Screenplay), a futuristic drama set in a world in which humans have lost the ability to reproduce and subsequently face certain extinction. Things change when a single woman mysteriously becomes pregnant, prompting a conflicted government bureaucrat (Clive Owen) and his ex-wife (Julianne Moore) to join forces to protect her. Michael Caine co-stars.


November 11

Partner, Bertolucci, (Italy, 1968), 112 minutes,

Bernardo Bertolucci's absurdist film based on a story by Fyodor Dostoyevsky stars Pierre Clementi as Giaccobe, a drama teacher who spirals into madness when he creates another identity so he won't be lonely. In contrast to the repressed Giaccobe, his doppelganger is brash, bold ... and dangerous. No longer under the control of his inventor, Giaccobe's alter ego grows increasingly sinister, stalking one student and eventually killing another.

The Sheltering Sky, Bertolucci, (England?, 1990), 138 minutes

Debra Winger and John Malkovich are Kit and Port Moresby, two American artists traveling through postwar Africa in this adaptation of Paul Bowles's novel. Having drifted apart, the couple seek to escape their alienation by exploring the unfamiliar -- but find much more than they bargained for. Director Bernardo Bertolucci and cinematographer Vittorio Storaro fabulously capture the forbidding beauty of the Saharan locations.

November 18

The Holy Mountain, Jodorowsky, (?, 1973), 113 minutes

Avant-garde filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky weaves a grotesque tale rich in allegory and sacrilegious imagery as a thief (Horácio Salinas) is first crucified, then enlisted by an alchemist (Jodorowsky) to join a group of elites who seek divinity and immortality. Juan Ferrara, Adriana Page, Richard Rutowski, Valerie Jodorowsky, Zamira Saunders and Ana De Sade also star in this surreal mind trip.

The Sacrifice, Tarkovsky (Sweden, Russia, 1986) 145 minutes

Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky opens his final film with friends gathering to celebrate Alexander's (Erland Josephson) birthday. The party is interrupted when it's announced that World War III has begun and mankind is hours away from annihilation. Alexander responds with a promise to God that he'll give up everything, including his child, if war is averted. The film won four awards at the Cannes Film Festival, including the Grand Prix.

November 25

December 2

December 9

Code 46, Winterbottom
Demonlover, Assayas
Battle of Algiers, Pontecorvo
Syriana, Gaghan
Medium Cool, Wexler
Man with a Movie Camera, Vertov
Videodrome, Crash & Existenz, Cronenberg
Nashville, Altman
Lessons of Darkness, Herzog
Element of Crime, Lars Von Trier
Ghost in the Shell, Ghost in the Shell 2, Oshii
Chungking Express, Fallen Angels, WK Wai
Sans Soleil, Chris Marker
Red Desert, Passenger, Antonioni
London, Patrick Keiller
La Haine, Kassovitz
Underground, Kusturica
City of God, Meirelles
Polygraph, LePage
Children of Men, Cuaron, Watch it NOW!
Babel, Inarritu, Watch it NOW!
Minority Report, Spielberg
Bourne Ultimatum, Greengrass
Casino Royale, Campbell
Naked lunch, David Cronenberg
Scanners, David Cronenberg
The wild blue yonder, Werner Herzog