Films on borders, barriers, the disenfranchised, and exile

Wings of Desire: berlin
divine intervention: israel/palestine
La Guerre est finie: France/Spain
Grapes of Wrath: Oklahoma/California
Dodes'ka-den: Tokyo Slums
Army of Shadows: French Underground
Underground: Yugoslav history 1939-present
Traffic: US > Mexico
Third Man: Vienna post WW2
Touch of Evil: US>Mexico, by Orson Welles- great double feature with Third Man
Last Wave: Aboriginal/Colonial Australia
Rabbit Proof Fence: ibid
Where the Green Ants Dream: ibid
Easy Rider: US highways, circa 1969
Demonlover: internet espionage
Time of the Wolf: post apocalypse europe
For Ever Mozart: on the road to Sarajevo with Godard
Notre Musique: ibid
District B13: cheesy B movie scifi
Catch22: WW2 bomber squad
Three Kings: Gulf war profiteering
Stalker: Tarkovsky 'Zone' masterpiece
Nostalghia: Tarkovsky exile masterpiece
CODE 46: near future global security
Day of the Jackal [the original]- crossing borders under cover
Kandahar: search for sister in Afghan
Polygraph: East Germany, Canada
Hiroshima Mon Amour: on the city, on WW2, on exile
Passenger: becoming invisible, globetrotting, reporting
Beau Travail: foreign legion in NAfrica
Red Desert: exiled in the postindustrial landscape
3-Iron: individial spaces and barriers, intrusions in barriers
The Isle: isolation, escape, physical and mental
The bow: isolated and marginalized world
Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter...and Spring: isolation and invisible barriers
Oldboy: prison, prisoner and captor
Requiem for a dream: loneliness, greed, corruption, desperation, pervasiveness/banality of media