Nina Marie Barbuto , , email, let's do it.,
Bjork Christensen,email, facebook
Nina and Bjork Social Firm
Saman Hosseini-Pou
Valentina Vasi, myspace, facebook, e-mail
Vencent Wu , blog
Jordan Kanter, facebook, structuring media,, WIP, pamphlet!
Bao Quoc N. Doan
christopher norman, deviantART, couchSurfing, wip
Guillermina Chiu WIP, hi5, facebook orshalim
Jihyeun Byeon facebook, myspace, blog
Kenneth Cameron
Arthur Switalski myspace trappedinthegreenbox
George Labeth blog
Sepehram Khamjani orshalim
Salman Masmouei
Hao-yun Ambrose Chuang facebook, Myspace, blog photo 071010

CGC: cybernetic gorilla collaborative

WIP= Work In Progress

...not a talking dragon, or a train station, or even an exploitation film.

Cheers, EK


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WIP or Wip is a three-letter abbreviation with several meanings, as described below:
Distinguish from whip.